Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ive been tagged!!!

ive been tagged by ruth so her are 7 facts about me so here gos:

1. I am 24yrs old and still live with my parents, sister and dog.

2. I have been driving for 6yrs and have my own car.

3. I have a degree in advanced study of early years and i.c.t ( kids and computers for those you dont know).

4. I am a natural blonde although i have just had my hair dyed darker.

5. I am a daddies girl therefore im in to football and watch all the games i can especially my fav team Man Utd.

6. I have recently joined a gym not that i go much lol.

7. i hate deep water as I nearly drowned as a kid and dont like heights either so theme parks out of the question.

So if you not asleep yet i need to tag 5 people so i tag:

Sarah (crafty little devils), Lisa (lavenderstamper), Vicki (paperlicious oasis), cindersmcphee and Karen (karen's creation)


Vicki said...

Hiya Saz

Thanks for the tag, I haven't long done this one, so I am gonna have a little think of some different answers before I post. Thanks again hun xx vicki xx :o)

Vicki said...

Hiya Saz, me again, just to say I have finally got around to answering those tag questions. Thanks xx vicki xx