Saturday, 21 June 2008

Starlight Ladies Walk 2008

Hi Folks

Well i did it completed all 13.5 miles last nite for St Rocco's Hospice, im really pleased with myself as i didnt think i could with my back but i forced myself to do it i was very determined, we started the walk at 12am well by the time we got out the gates to start it was 12.20am and we finshed at 4.45am so not too bad, i was glad to see my bed at 05.20am. Im deffo feeling it now by back and legs hurt but it was all for a worthy cause. for more info on the cause look below at my earlier post.

If any one wants to sponsor me you still can my clicking on my fundraising icon at the top of my blog.

i have also made some new cards but i have sent them without taking photos coz im stupid!! i have ask my mum's friend to take photos when she recieves the cards so i will post the photo's when i receive them!!

Sara x


Hilmarose said...

Congrats!!!! I am VERY proud of you!!!!
Do you know how many times I have made something and not taken pics of them? Sometimes i just want to shot myself! LOL

craftyscot said...

well done you!!! I can sympathise about the aches and pains as it is just 2 weeks since I did my walk. I knew that my toenails were really sore- I took my nail polish off yesterday and my nails are black & blue.....after 2 weeks! Goodness knows what they looks like the day after the walk.

You might feel even stiffer tomorrow but after that I'm sure you will be fine

MeandLilG said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Really well done, hunny! xxx