Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Can things get any worse!!!

Well what a week Ive had so far as i mentioned in my earlier post Ive been unwell, well on Monday i went to bed everything was fine until 3am when my dad collapsed and a ambulance was called he was rushed into hospital with severe stomach pains, i have never seen him like that before, well he spent yesterday in hospital on oxygen having monitors attached to him and blood tests to find he has severe gastroenteritis, his stomach and intestines are swollen and he is still in a lot of pain, my dad is now home but still sore but has now started being sick (his 1st time in 35yrs), so I'm hoping he will be OK soon, i didn't think stomach bugs could be so bad.

So there has been very little crafting being done although i have started on my 1st attempt of making a nappy cake for my friend who is having a girl so watch this space.

can i also be cheeky and ask people to express there opinions on the cards i recently posted, i just want to know how I'm doing as I'm still fairly new to card making!

Thanks Sara xx


Hunnybunnycards said...

Hi Sara, sorry to hear about your dad, what a worry for you, hope he recovers okay and soon.


Debbie said...

Hi Sara, you have had a bad week, I wish your dad a speedy recovery. Debbie x

Gillian said...

Hi Sara, just wishing your Dad a speedy recovery and hope that things get back to normal soon. Love the candle, by the way, I've been threatening myself to have a go but so far, I have only purchased the candles. You have inspired me to have a go.

Take care

Gill x

Aimee said...

so sorry to hear about your father. I hope he feels better soon and I hope you're feeling better as well!