Sunday, 9 November 2008

Quick Update on my dad!!!


just a quick note to say my dad is feeling a lot better although he is still in pain, my dad visited the doc the other day who inform him its not a bug he has it could be a number of others things, but the doc thinks he has Gall Stones , the doc wasnt happy with the hospital as they didnt carry out a scan or any of the other tests they could of done, but dad thinks that was due to a+ e being very busy due to a couple of road traffic accidents one being a car which had collied with a bus so you can image the amount of people. Thank you to everyone who left me messages, hopefully i will be posting some cards i have made later on.

Sara x


sara said...

sory to hear about your dad hope he is getting better just a quick note to say i have tagged you over on my take care from S

Debbie said...

Happy to hear that your Dad is feeling a bit better. Debbie x

Shazza said...

hope your dad is feeling much better

Pink Diamond Workshop said...

Hi hope your dad is on the mend I have left a gift for you over on my blog to cheer you up xxxd